Friday, August 24, 2007

Comix Jammery

For all of you who were wondering, "Hey, what the heck is a comix jam?" Ed Beal (comix jam enthusiast) has put together a little Halifax Comix Jam propaganda film for us, it can be viewed here;

Also a friend passed this image along to me, it's from the August 2007 edition of the Edmonton Comix Jam

Look a little familiar? Well then you probably rember the June 2007 Khyber Komix Jam (our old name.)

Did someone from the Edmonton Comix Jam see our hand turkey and snatch it? Or, is this just some kind of strange coincidence (I, mean TWO people came up with turning a hand into a turkey, come on?)

Finally, the first jam session at Gus' Pub went pretty well (considering the pouring rain) The next session is on September 10th ( expect offensive comix) and the new issue should hit the stands.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

First (9th) Issue of The Halifax Comix Jam on Sale!

The first issue of The Halifax Comix Jam is available Monday the 13th at Jam session 10 in our new venue Gus Pub on Agricola St. Seeya there

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The NEW Comix Jam

Well here we are; August and where will the Halifax Comix Jam go? Why GUS' PUB on Agricola thats where. Halifax Comix Jam will be at Gus' Pub Monday the 13th and subsiquently every 2nd Monday of the month there after. That's right homeless no more! Let's have a large turnout to show Gus' how happy we are that they've given us a place to draw (but not on the walls)