Friday, September 10, 2010

The Hulafax Komix Jamboree

Hey Komix Jammers, Jammettes and Hermaphrojamites,

Have you heard of the Common People movement? Well, let's just say it's amazing. Picture all kinds of people hanging out in the Halifax Commons, playing drums, guitars, Hula hooping, spinning poi, eating fruit, frizzin' frisbees, face painting, lounging in hammocks and for a limited time only COMIX JAMMIN'!

Well, it's true! Every Sunday this September from 2pm to ??? I, Kyle Trouble Bridgett will be hosting the HULAFAX KOMIX JAMBOREE in the north Commons. Bring your hoops, Poi, hoops, hackey sacks, instruments and of course Pens and Pencils to the HULAFAX KOMIX JAMBOREE!

This event is "weather permitting," but if the fates provide, I'll have a table and gazebo cover so light rain shouldn't affect us too much.

So once again, that's he HULAFAX KOMIX JAMBOREE every SUNDAY in SEPTEMBER 2pm till ??? Be there or be a sideways rhombus.

Please pass this event on to any interested people,


PS. I don't have many chairs so bring your own folding chairs and if you have extra, bring them too.

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